Home cleaning


Creating a home cleaning schedule is the best way to keep your home clean. With a good schedule, you don’t have to be stressed every time you need to clean your home. When it comes to a cleaning schedule, you can decide to come up with a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning schedule. With every cleaning schedule, you can decide to focus on what is important to clean on that particular time. If you have never created a home cleaning schedule, here are tips on coming up with one.

Tips on creating a cleaning schedule

Daily cleaning

A daily cleaning schedule does not mean that you have to take hours out of your busyasdsadasdas schedule to clean. It is all about taking some minutes before you rush to work or other activities. The best thing about a daily cleaning schedule is the fact that you can include everyone in the cleaning process. For instance, when it comes to daily cleaning, you should clean the dishes and the counter tops immediately after taking your meals. Take time to clean the sink and the bathroom after showering. Sweep the floors after cooking and taking a meal. By doing these small activities, your house will always remain clean.

Weekly cleaning routine

A weekly routine is a bit complex compared to a daily cleaning routine. With a weekly cleaning routine, you can do the bigger activities like scrubbing the bathroom floors, vacuuming the carpet, dusting the cabinets and other activities that you might not do on a daily basis. A weekly cleaning routine is usually done on the weekend or a specific day of the week that you decide to clean.

Monthly cleaning routine

A monthly cleaning routine is a complete overhaul as far as cleaning your house is concerned. For a monthly cleaning routine, you can decide to hire a cleaning company to do the cleaning on your behalf. Cleaning companies have all the equipment need to do cleaning like carpet cleaning and also sofa cleaning.


Yearly cleaning routine

An annual cleaning routine is done once in a year, and it is also called seasonal cleaning. You might decide to clean your house in preparation for a particular season like Christmas. At this time, you can also decide to redecorate your house in preparation for the season so that your home can feel and look good for the season.